Editorial cartoon of departing right-wing leaders of the Anglosphere, meeting in Murdoch's diner

Relax, academics. Cartoonists experiencing “the usual mild distress at having lost a pet set of ministers who seem to get uglier and more recognisable with age” is not a thing. Even if the late Bill Leak, for laffs, said it was.

Australia changed its government in May. Cartoonist grief factor: zero.

Cartoon of a Liberal Party billboard in the electorate of Kooyong.
Cartoon of a green and teal wave carrying Labor's Anthony Albanese to the Prime Ministership at the 2022 Australian federal election
Cartoon of a woman and child paddling their car through a rising tide of living costs
Cartoon of newly elected senator David Pocock and others at a parliamentary orientation.
Climate change cartoon depicting the planet Earth as a tortoise stuck on the fossil fuel railroad tracks.

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