The politics of panic

Peter Dutton has joined sections of the media in kicking off the new year with a new “racialised moral panic”, doing burnouts in the new modified Home Affairs Department to prevent any clear-eyed analysis of crime in Victoria.

Cartoon: gang hysteria

Cartoon: doing burnouts in the modified Home Affairs Department

On the theme of making stuff up, we also began the new year learning the government ignored advice from Treasury in order to whip up fear around proposals to trim negative gearing.

What better metaphor to use than the stuff made up by satirist Ben Ward about the US President’s obsession with a Gorilla Channel?

Cartoon: inside the Trumble whitehouse

(The Canberra Times, 5, 6 and 10 January 2018 | Gallery of most recent cartoons)

No unicorns

The Treasurer says Labor is selling the public “a unicorn” with it’s negative gearing savings (costed by the Parliamentary Budget Office and modeled at the ANU). I was happy to hang up Joe’s ears when he left, but after Mr Morrison’s performance at the National Press Club, the unicorn comment was a gift too hard to pass up.

Cartoon: Treasurer calls Labor tax policy a unicorn

(The Canberra Times, 19 February 2016 | cartoon gallery)