Winter prints

I’ve updated my RedBubble page with some new drawings from my home in Canberra and surrounds. Well, not that new. Most were started years ago, but I never found the time to finish them.

A collage of six new drawings of Canberra and surrounds: a night-time scene of the Carillon on Lake Burley Griffin; a giant nudibranch sailing over the Tathra wharf at sunset; cabins amongst a banksia forest on the NSW south coast; the Burley Griffin perched on the Margaret Whitlam pavilion at the National Arboretum Canberra; the Monaro Highway; and Black Mountain in Canberra and the Brindabellas beyond, viewed from the Federal Highway.

As you can see above, there’s a drawing of the Carillon (and Black Mountain) on Lake Burley Griffin, started four years ago as an exercise in deconstructing some Japanese woodblock prints.

Another drawing is of a giant nudibranch floating past the Tathra wharf.

There are some wooden cabins amongst the banksias on the NSW south coast, lucky to have escaped the 2020 fires.

There’s the Burley Griffin, perched atop of the Margaret Whitlam pavilion at the National Arboretum.

And there are drawings of two highway scenes heading towards Canberra: one from the south, looking towards the scarred Namadgi National Park, along the Monaro Highway; and, one from the north, the first view of Black Mountain along the Federal Highway that tells you you’ve arrived.

A collage of two sketches and two finished drawings, one pair showing the Monaro Highway heading towards Canberra, the other pair showing Black Mountain as viewed from the Federal Highway.


I should’ve posted this sooner, but here is the third Kosciuszko pic in the series I started last year, featuring some of the threatened species in Australia’s alpine country. This French language version was prepared for an exhibition in France.

Cartoon poster of threatened species commandeering a ski in the Kosciuszko National Par. French version.

Prints, posters and cards are available on RedBubble.

I’ve also added some other drawings to RedBubble, which have finally emerged from my digital sketchbook…

Illustration of Black Mountain at sunset, viewed from Dairy Farmers Hill in the National Arboretum Illustration of the National Carillon on Lake Burley Griffin in Canberra, viewed at dawn

A sunset view of Black Mountain from Dairy Farmers Hill in Canberra’s National Arboretum; the National Carillon at dawn, on Lake Burley Griffin; and a symbolic illustration of banksia serrata seedlings on the NSW South Coast, months after an indigenous “cool” burn.

Symbolic illustration of a banksia serrata cone, and its relationship to fire